Bandages or wrapping is used in the initial or decongestive phase of lymphedema treatment. These special bandages also prevent constriction which can occur with ACE … Can be used for the treatment of venous leg ulcers, lymphedema, post-operative edema and for general support following a sports injury (i.e. We have a wide selection of padding, short stretch bandages, stockinette and tape so that you can keep your … Lymphedema Store/Academy Bandages 11632 High Street Sebastian, FL 32958 (800) 863-5935 Made of 100% breathable cotton, this short-stretch bandage clings and conforms to provide strong compression in the extremities. sprained knee or ankle). This velcro ace wrap … Lymphedema bandages have limited stretching capacity and offer proper skin pressure for aiding the flow of lymph fluid. Machine washable and reusable, these bandages are an economical solution to the problems of lymphedema, swelling, venous edema … Various elastic bandage wraps and ace wraps available in stock at American Medical & Equipment Supply. Do not use ACE bandages as lymphedema wraps. Orthopedic grade knitted bandage for controlled, consistent compression.

ace wrap for lymphedema

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