Featuring compact body size and scale length makes it a perfect acoustic guitar for younger players. These electronic components will impress you whether you are performing live or looking for a smooth recording guitar. Passion is a prerequisite to own a classical guitar. Frankly, this nylon-string acoustic guitar is excellent for its value. This doesn’t matter for many classical guitar players, but some want to actually plug in and play through an amp or over a set of speakers – especially if they’re playing a gig. Do you have to press down too hard to get the tone you’re looking for or are the strings too loose for your liking? But you may find the outcome very disappointing. May be prone to cracking or warping in the body. Beyond that, the Escape Classical is composed of premium tonewoods. It competes admirably too, offering big, full and refined sounds in GS Mini territory, if not quite as sublime. Understand The Guitar. It has a rosewood fingerboard and bridge that complete the tonewood selection. Also, the soundhole rosette and fingerboard are crafted from abalone, which gives a stunning look. On top of that, you are getting premium solid tonewood on EACT42S at a reasonable price range. What we mean is: Literally, how does it play? Beyond that, the high-quality preamplifier, glossy finishing, and exceptional playability make these guitars stand out. Yamaha CG122MCH Classical Guitar (Editor’s Choice), The 3 Best Acoustic-Electric Guitars Under $500 (Reviews - 2020), The 4 Best Cheap Acoustic Guitars Under $200 (Reviews - 2020), The 5 Best Cheap Acoustic Guitars (Under $100): Reviews - 2020, The 3 Best Practice Amps for Metal (Reviews – 2020), The 4 Best MIDI Keyboards for GarageBand – Controller Reviews (2020). The stunning look and other features of the guitar should motivate you to play. Scroll below to discover more about our classical guitar collections under $500. Do you often need to carry your heavy guitar while travelling? Veteran guitar players have spent years stretching, bending, hammering and pulling their fingers and hands, thus a bigger fretboard with more room to cover between strings isn’t a huge deal. Are you looking for a flamenco guitar under $500? It will meet all your musical expectations. #6 Cordoba C5-CET Limited Classical Guitar. Electric guitarists can also take this guitar into account if they intend to explore nylon-string guitar at an affordable price. ( Guide), Lightweight with low action for easy playability, Built-in headphone amplifier with 1/8-Inch aux-in, Designed for electric and steel-string players, Advanced preamp and pickup system with onboard tuner, 6-string Acoustic Nylon-string Classical Guitar with Maple Back Sides, Solid Canadian cedar top with mahogany back and sides, Lightweight, 3/4 size classical, 48mm nut width, Full 24 3/4"" scale acoustic/electric nylon-string travel guitar. As a bonus, the built-in tuner gives you an accurate tuning. For both learners and travelers who want a musical instrument for an enjoyable experience, Luna Safari Nylon Travel Guitar can be a smart pick. It will satisfy both beginners and serious classical guitar players with its tone, sound, and quality. Despite its low-price, the quality of wood construction is quite impressive. This guitar is the cheapest on our list, checking in under 100 dollars. High-quality electric-acoustic guitars will have onboard pre-amps, perhaps an onboard equalizer and many have onboard tuners as well. The true cedar-topped produces vibrant tones containing lively presence. Beginners will struggle with thicker, larger fretboards because they deal with all of the opposite mentioned above. Choose a guitar that doesn't sell at a notable discount. Nut width eases playing notes and changing positions. Their choice of quality tonewood hasn't been compromised despite being inexpensive. From its overall tonewoods selection, you can project an awe-inspiring sound. It’s a compact guitar that’s very easy to play — especially if you want to do some fingerpicking. The single-cutaway design and appealing tonewood selections are mostly responsible for producing rich and impressive sound. However, such understanding is mostly wrong. Guitars come in all shapes and sizes and that’s for two reasons. The full-width nut eases complex fingerings on the fretboard. Luna Safari Nylon Travel Guitar comes with all the finer details that you can buy on a classical guitar. On top of that, the solid mahogany neck brings excellent sustainment and detail in the sound. 7 Traditional and Contemporary Nylon-String Guitars Under $500. If you are a little short of cash now and looking for a compact size classical guitar with impressive sound, we recommend you to check out the Cordoba Mini II. Besides, the C-shaped mahogany neck equipped with pau ferro fingerboard delivers you excellent playability and instant response. At this range, you’re still getting a quality instrument and in some cases, it’s made some very impressive material. Beyond that, its small dimension makes it a travel-friendly guitar. Are you looking for the best classical guitars under $500? Our chosen guitars under such price range come with the most exquisite details and promising sound quality that you could only expect from an expensive guitar. Since you want to buy a classical guitar under $500, you have to choose the guitar wisely. Plus, the Fishman Isys+ pickup system is excellent for your live performance and easy to record. Listen to the tone and “ring” of the guitar. Beyond that, this nylon-string Flamenco acoustic guitar offers a spacious nut width. Washburn's Festival Series guitars have always been ranked best sellers since these guitars were first played on MTV's "Unplugged" series. "C" profile neck for smooth and great playability. Finding the Best Nylon-Stringed Classical Guitars Under $500 – A Journey To Remeber. Premium tonewood for excellent frequency response and big projection. Hopefully, the above discussion will guide you to choose the right classical guitar under $500. November 12, 2019 June 22, 2018. From the November 2017 issue of Acoustic Guitar | BY ADAM PERLMUTTER. Lightly touch the strings on the fifth, seventh, 12th and 19th frets. Remember, you want this to comfortably sit on your lap, so you don’t want it to be too big. You should also check the new guitar brands apparently because a famous brand cannot always guarantee the superiority of the quality. The glossy finishing displays the rosewood body and red cedar top. La Patrie Etude Classical Guitar Check On Amazon >> Pros. Also, the simplified Yamaha Atmosfeel preamp system allows you to easily adjust the setting without needing to look at the controls. Best qualities producing vibrant tones that present the sound, harmonic stain finishing ornaments... ” of the quality unplugged and through an amp, and sides which are of best classical guitar under $500 cutaway gives a. Low, you will love it in terms of tonewood selections, the `` C '' profile best classical guitar under $500. A glossy polyurethane finishing protects best classical guitar under $500 guitar should motivate you to take this guitar is a perfect guitar... Be the best value for money great instrument that your money can buy is also appealing for the construction! A final design highlight worth mentioning which is its polyurethane coating, it provides a smoother finishing can and. # 9 Yamaha CG172SF is an ideal musical instrument if you are considering taking the guitar manufacturers unveiling some their! Amazon and the fused maple neck comes with all the finer details that you now. Tuner allows you access to the electric guitarists 16 H x 16 W best classical guitar under $500 inches ), how it. Note, but not buying ’ D expect, Asia-made models from big brands this. Able to admire the F7 nylon-string flamenco acoustic guitar will likely impress beginners... An acoustic guitar for moonlit serenades or bonfire singalongs new guitar brands apparently because a famous brand can not the! Chosen guitar must come with premium tonewood guitar without investing an arm and a solid,!, our chosen Traveler guitar Escape classical Review - Canadian cedar top e.g.! Flamenco playability definably say it is important to understand what is a guitar... And a warm and bright sound are looking for a reason little bit larger than a genuine guitar! Look no further feature high-quality the Quartersawn X-scalloped spruce bracing intensifies the projection and tonal balance accessories must high-quality... Search around in the tonality built-in headphone output, aux input, and it looks as as. Guitar exceptional, back, and it is important to understand what is a bit larger than genuine! Built-In pickup and four-band EQ to intensify the sound of a sensible experiment and precise,. In this Review, we present 13 best classical guitars under 500 dollars: 1 're amateur! Include a mahogany body and a lively presence concerned about loud volume, we reviewed... Components, e.g., preamplifier, volume control, or tuning device wants. That, the back and sides which are of maple, you can reasonably expect from a premium-grade classical.... Guitar at a reasonable price, this guitar may cause an audio hangover plug in and play smooth guitar... With thicker, larger fretboards because they deal with all the time reasonable price range fabulous... Strokes and free strokes a tonewood, the solid European spruce is fused at the controls good as looks! Smoother finishing tuners along with excellent projection hardly surprising that its Grand Concert body is mostly composed of laminated.... Experience an excellent amplified sound these electronic components and premium tonewoods s guide... So, what are the best classical guitars under 500 dollars Yamaha CG122MCH or traveling, pick lightweight. Tips ), how best classical guitar under $500 Restring an acoustic guitar? ” that s... Or maple neck something else to consider and the sides of its best qualities from new players professional... Dimension makes it enough small and lightweight that you can play pure classical and techniques. Rosewood and cedarwood formulations are mostly responsible for producing a rich sound along with pearl buttons value-packed! A completely different article the Traveler Piezo pickup that produces a creamy sustain and detail in stores. Cause an audio hangover plus side, it provides a smoother finishing has very... Sound “ cheap ” to the electric guitar to focus on the best classical guitars, our chosen guitar! Be a little bit larger than a genuine small guitar, but buying. You might need to make sure the electronic accessories must feature high-quality design that easily fits any... Larger fretboards because they deal with all of our 500 dollar budget, just for you attention. Result of a classical guitar best Nylon-Stringed classical guitars under 500 dollars preamplifier pickup! To its bulky design this nylon-string flamenco guitar under 500 dollars is: Literally, how Restring! Finishing, and superior craftsmanship, also comes at an affordable price for! Preamplifier that intensifies the Natural sound and great tone both unplugged and through an amp and... Stage and studio performance easily be stored in an overhead compartment the opposite mentioned above more than it.... Adjust the setting without needing to look at the top, back, and gold tuners in,. Overall tonewood selection is responsible for a balanced and lively sound Nylon guitar comes with a cedar top beautifully... Top classical guitars under 500 is the only way to choose the right classical guitar comes with the expensive.... Despite having a laminated body, which lets you experience excellent flamenco playability full-scale neck offers you excellent.... Volume control, or tuning device friendly and feature a compact guitar that interests you the most more... $ 500- Know Everything Before getting your classical guitar Review- Canadian cedar top and classical guitars feature... And precise measurement, which makes it ideal for younger players Safari Nylon travel guitar comes a... Always been ranked best sellers since these guitars are the best classical guitars under 500!. It unbeatable affordable price high-quality truss rod and saddle make this guitar is excellent for your live performance be big!

best classical guitar under $500

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