The remaining Planeswalkers are allowed to … Chandra Nalaar/Nissa Revane; Chandra Nalaar; Nissa Revane; post war of the spark; Fluff; Chandra is the lovely idiot she has always been; Summary. Nissa stiffened for a moment. Chandra and Nissa both are able to relate through feel, and show that red and green aren't just about smashing stuff. Without looking at her, Chandra whispered, 'I love you, too, you know.' Nissa gets along well with Gideon, but feels he doesn't understand her. ZEN - [[Chandra Ablaze]], [[Nissa Revane]] Counting Kaladesh, there have only been six Nissas printed. Then she eased her body and allowed Chandra to rest against her. Buy Magic Kaladesh Chandra and Nissa Planeswalker 60-card Decks with 4 Booster Packs: Toys & Games - FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases Gideon does everything he can to be considerate of Nissa's feelings. M15 - [[Chandra, Pyromaster]], [[Nissa, Worldwaker]] Like most things I post here, this probably doesn't mean anything except that I … She put an arm around the younger woman's shoulder and even began to slowly, gently rock the softly sobbing Chandra back and forth. Chandra shares Gideon's altruistic streak, and of course they are attracted to each other. Chandra was there for each one of them. The fight with Bolas is over and Ravnica may lay in ruins but is saved, and so is the Multiverse.

chandra and nissa

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