Recommended for use with Rosidal K short stretch bandages… The foam rubber roll can be used as one large bandage … When used as part of a multi-layer compression bandage the Komprex foam rubber sheets help provide additional padding for anatomical depressions and increases the pumping effect of the compression … Apply the foam rubber bandage as a wrap to manage edema, as additional padding under compression bandages or as a layer of protection for the skin. Specialty Foam & Padding Specialty foams and padding are unique and innovative, and may be used to solve complex bandaging needs when used as part of a multi-layer compression bandage during … A foam dressing is a type of bandage that gives the airflow and protection that is needed to speed up wound healing. The porous foam surface of the material creates a moist environment which enables … Buy Rolyan Foam Bandage, 2 Rolls, 54" Long x 3-1/8" Wide x 1/4" Thick, Open-Celled Polyether Foam Wrap for Firm Support & Muscle Pump Efficiency, Comfortable Padding for Wound Care, Edema, Lymphedema: Adhesive Bandages … Tear resistant and skin friendly, Rosidal Soft provides some compression and shaping of the limb when pulled slightly. The interlocking open pores of the foam make compression bandages slip resistant.

foam bandage wrap

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