W To order the Gordon West Technician Class … After your initial registration you can post information with us about your class … Gordo's famous one-on-one class … Be sure to bring your completed home study to the first class session. Technician class by Gordon West. Gordon West - W5YI Be a Registered Instructor with the Gordon West / W5YI Ham Instructor Program. About the Author Gordon West, WB6NOA, has been a ham radio operator for more than 50 years. As a Registered Instructor we offer you big discounts on purchases of study materials for your classes and students. The page numbers will help! Flash Cards Technician Class (good through 6/30/2010) Library CD (Audio) Technician Class Gordon West, WB6NOA 2006 The W5YI Group, Inc. 0-945053-46-0 Library W4QO CD PC SW Technician Class (good through 2012) NX90 Paperback ARRL's Tech … My Technician Class … Includes a free On the Air audio CD demonstrating Technician Class privileges. TECHNICIAN CLASS AUDIO CD COURSE FOR 2018-2022 Gordon West's NEW Audio CD Technician Class Course based on the Element 2 Question Pool effective July 1, 2018. Publication date 2000 Topics Radio -- Examinations, ... 14 day loan required to access EPUB and PDF files. IN COLLECTIONS. He holds the top Amateur Extra Class ham license, along with First Class … ~~ eBook Technician Class Element 2 Fcc License Preparation ~~ Uploaded By Stephenie Meyer, gordon west technician class fcc element 2 license preparation book by kent petty published december 18 2019 2500 2018 2022 gordon west technician class study manual for the element 2 exam shipped via usps 27 in stock gordon west This guide parallels only the Gordon West Technician Class theory book. Gordon West’s Instructor’s Guide for 2010-14 Technician Class – Page 3 IMPORTANT: If your students are using an alternate book, the Q&A order will not be the same as they are in this Instructor’s Guide and in my own book. Begin reading over your Technician Class book, and start filling in the home study answers. … Study with the Best - Teach with the Best !!

gordon west technician class pdf

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