It has eight isolated outputs with short circuit protection and 8 LED status lights. Mooer Audio. Average Score: 4.0 ( 4/5 based on 2 reviews ) 2 reviews: 100 %: 06/11/2014. Of late, the market for 'micro' pedals has been particularly buoyant for companies who understand the importance of how useful space saving pedals can prove to be as part of a musician's rig. So much so that Mooer, the renowned manufacturer of micro pedals, have produced a larger-scale power supply, titled the Macro Power S8. Issue #24. As is said, it has eight 9V isolated outputs, with a maximum current of 300mA for each one. A guitarist’s pedalboard is only as good as its power supply. Search titles only . What's new Search. So I chose the MOOER Micro Power, 88 € is already 2 times cheaper than the Pedal Power 2. The Mooer MACRO POWER S12 is a high-output professional pedalboard power supply. In the pedal/stomp box market, these 'micro' products have proven themselves invaluable assets for guitarists looking to save space on their pedal boards. Many of the power supplies in this guide offer switchable voltages, and some can even ‘sag’ below 9V to yield dying battery sounds from fuzz pedals. Then there are mA requirements: while some fuzz and overdrive pedals might only draw 10mA, contemporary digital and multi-effects can draw anywhere from 100-1,000mA. The Mooer MEP-MP Micro Power Guitar Effects Pedal Power Supply provides stable 9V DC power with maximum output current of 300mA. The manual recommends unplugging it when not in use. Search. I feel like my use case will result in a lot of plug-in/unplug cycles. Members. Log in Register. Mooer MEP-MP. Jérémy Guézennec's review (This content has been automatically translated from French) " Good alternative" 4. Latest reviews Search resources. Sporting 2 toroidal transformers and 12 completely independent outputs the MACRO S12 can deliver up to 3.4 Amps (3400mA) of clean, quiet and consistent DC power for all of your pedal power needs. Though it's not worth € 88, it is a power supply after all. Recently, I discovered this new power supply from Mooer (Micro Power). Mooer Pedals Review. Comes with 12 volt power adapter and 8 power connecting lines. Mooer MPW1 Micro Power Supply: $74.97 » Mooer MPW1 Micro Power Supply: $74.97 » Mooer MPW1 Micro Power Supply: $84.99 » View all offers for Mooer Micro Power » Mooer Micro Power user reviews. The boards are like 3 dollars each on eBay (it's a TPA3118), so that plus a couple of 50k pots, two capacitors and generic 24V laptop power supply got me 60W of stereo power I don't know which chip exactly the baby bomb uses, but I'm assuming it's a TPA3116/8 or something similar. The quality / price ratio looks good, since there is nothing to criticize, perhaps a minimum trebles that emerged more than before, but nothing obvious. Current visitors. Hopefully the power jack can take it. It’s a truth that’s becoming more pertinent as pedals become more sophisticated, increasingly modded and of various sizes, shapes and voltages.

mooer power supply review

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