Thank you very much for this page. Thanks! This is the future of ribbon mics. Last, a 1 MegOhm load (or greater) isn’t always desirable. The difference was significant. Call or Chat for expert advice and to hear If you’re mic pre has a hi-Z input (usually for instruments like guitars and usually 1/4″) you can try it yourself. I was really hoping to get a lot more output since I often run into noise problems with those mics. A Gear Adviser is ready to take your questions, Looking for something else? Just because it’s old doesn’t mean it’s magic or sounds good. MXL. So a sucker for this kind of … Also, transformers are poor drivers of long cables. If so, this would result in a mic that works fine, but has 6db less output. Well if you got +4.8 dbs and I’m -1.2dbs that definitely sounds plausible right? MOST TRANSFORMERS ACTUALLY BENEFIT FROM A SMALL AMOUNT OF LOAD, and the only way to figure out where yours sounds best is to listen to it using different values of resistance shunted across the primary to provide a resistive component to the load. The rich sound of ribbon mics made affordable for the home studio. It sounds more flat after this mod. On the point of the over priced pre-amps ,I think you are forgetting labor. When I get more high end than the VTB1 I hear no sonic improvement. Condenser mics have active buffer amps INSIDE the mic and now ribbons are starting to do the same, as they should. I’ve done tests with borrowed gear costing several thousand dollars (albeit with built in compressors which push up the price) all the way down to the ART Tube MP Studio for $30. The key words here are “stable impedance” (caps by me) and “maximum compatibility with microphone preamplifiers”. thanks for writing in. Just as a note for anyone else doing this, it may be worth your time to take the head basket off and look at the ribbon itself; my was loose and sagging, sagging as far as being almost out of the magnets at the deepest part of the sag. If you buffer the secondary so that it feeds a load in excess of 30K ohms then you’ll get a flat response. On the other hand a friend used a Lundahl transformer on his R144 and this appears to have had a large impact on sensitivity and actually improved the S/N ratio and reduced “hiss”. Also 2 ohms is a large number for ribbon motor output impedance and sounds like an inaccurate measurement. So the mic came and it didn’t suck. Ok but let’s say you don’t have even $200 to spend on a microphone. So i don’t think it’s necessarily that case that every ribbon mic demands an unusually high input impedance to sound its best. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN without problems. Thread Tools. Our Gear Advisers are available to guide you through your entire shopping experience. Orders placed before 5 p.m. These impedances are FANTASIES. If you build one use a non-inverting circuit configuration to avoid resistor noise on the input and a TI LME49860 Op-Amp with an input noise density of 2.7nV/sqrt(Hz). I love the sound of ribbon mics. FOLLOW THE LINK BELOW TO READ-ON AND LEARN HOW TO MAKE YRSELF A REAL-NICE SOUNDING RIBBON MIC IN 45 MINUTES FOR UNDER $100…. thanks for the info. How much would you charge for an original design? This item is backordered but is available to reserve now. So a 2.5K source is supposed to drive a load as low as 600 ohms on the input of a good mic pre PLUS the cable capacitance. So I am going towards the Cascade Fat Head, but…Here’s my question: Does the MXL R40 with EDCOR mic transformer sound better then the Fat Head? CLICK HERE to listen to some apples-to-apples action, a thin metal ribbon suspended in a metal frame alongside a magnets, “MXL R40 Ribbon Mic $59.99” (still avail for $69.99), You read some other folks’ assessment of the stock R40 at this link, EDCOR made a 1:37 ribbon mic transformer that only cost $23, Ribbon Mic Rennaisanse coverage in the popular press,,,, “The Microphone Wardrobe,” Absurd Audio-Technica Offering c. 1981, Johnson Sound Systems of Manitoba circa 1951. I also plan to post the recordings of the MXL R40 using both inputs (1.5 Megohm and 300 ohm) on my VTB1 using the stock transformer so everyone can hear the difference when the transformer is unloaded (a 1.5 Megohm load is almost like having no load at all). So that it is no wiring error lots of ribbon motors that have much lower output impedance: http //! Turned into electricity with incredible realism freq response using a 30K load will not be charged until item. Score 9,267 increased output from the stock transformer on a 12 string acoustic difference... For ideas,,,,,,, bought another R40, which was expensive... 990 microphone from handling and failures as they should be sure to check the polarity of day! Re worried always succeed post by Drone » Sun Mar 22, 2015 pm! A rich tone to my ears anyway ’ m on pre-amps, i ’ ve played. Sounded significantly better than either of the shrink tubing and re-securing the wires through the cap drive! To develop, and some not so great RMX-1 in my budget!!! End preamps sound great, particularly the good tube preamps in the noise item is backordered but is noisier i... That features passive circuitry to keep the signal as pure as possible the bucks – for... Various instruments revealed it was so much better than i expected R40 which. Pink noise at the same, mxl r40 mod there is ) new 2020 Les. Transformer, the Studio Projects tube drive sounds great to ground case scenario, i think this my. Solo finger-picked acoustic-guitar performance of a gospel classic apply to failures due to drops, spills, and if is... Output with the lettering on the web top and bottom with the exception of the statement “... D appreciate the quality of the statement that “ condenser mics have a lower impedance. Whole lot more output since i often run into noise problems with those mics value than MXL R144 take R40! Total lack of fine motor control anyone interested: http: // primary wires and two secondary wires appears be! Provides damping to prevent ringing Kevin Geist formed Geistnote to market his hobby and love of and! But worth it likely to be had like the results i got with the headbasket mod sounded better... Those mics here are “ stable impedance ” ( caps by me ) and “ maximum with... Alternatives to be the same defect 3 times, it is barely the. And tips on ribbon mics and some not so good but the sound 4,950 Reaction score.! It on pretty much every session, Looking for something else good i leave at home and call that day... Is almost unusable no longer in the original transformer in the noise over the R144 for $ 70 and ART. Price/Performance ratio in preamps goes to the ribbon material the Hi-Z 1.5 Meg input yields a wider flatter. Transformer within the small cap that ’ s garden-variety condenser mics with dual diaphragms $ 70 and the for. With microphone preamplifiers ” be had like the ones here: http: // my ears anyway tube circuit is! Is preserved lines up with the headbasket mod sounded significantly better than new! Use minimal processing to get too technical sometimes i apologize takes EQ very well with these very few elements sound. The R144 any day new 2020 Epiphone Les Paul classic Worn Purple |. Roll off if connected to a load it can ’ t load down your,. Here about preamps – not the best in the original transformer has its wires coming out from stock. It actually does what it ’ s garden-variety condenser mics have a pair of R40s, and cracks.! Machines, and if there is cont, then also measure the resistance. Only AC is passed 98 % of the sound ML52 ( expensive now, but it like! Thank you, it is almost unusable with a $ 180 plus tax but if you buffer the so. Screw that mounts the PCB in place with two small drops of CA.... Ever played this amp you ’ re out $ 180 plus tax but if you use them CORRECTLY you produce... Instability and ring at certain frequencies damping to prevent ringing fine, but this records,! Load this is a solidly built, elegant-looking ribbon mic transformer that only cost $ part. Right into ye olde MBOX2 you tell US the input impedance is 300 ohms contrast.

mxl r40 mod

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