5 9. Prudy’s Problem and How She Solved It By Carey Armstrong-Ellis Prudy seemed like a normal little girl. The front side of this worksheet asks students DOK 1 level questions that are at a comprehension level. She had a mom and a dad and her own room at home. 82 8. Showing top 8 worksheets in the category - Prudys Problem. Tell whether the number is odd or even. Now most kids collect something. 15 3. So did Prudy. Grades: 3 rd. 89 10. Your child should be able to use what they know and what they read to form opionions or decisions about the writing. She had a sister. She had a dog. Yes, Prudy seemed normal. Belinda had a stamp collection. Prudy’s friend Egbert collected butterflies. 19 6. This worksheet goes along with the story "Prudy's Problem" from third grade Reading Street Curriculum. She had two white mice. Also included is a selections test with 30 multiple choice que . 82 4. Harold … 23 5. 34 2. Prudy’s Problem Spelling List 1. sunglasses 2.football 3. homework 4. haircut 5. popcorn 6. railroad 7. snowstorm 8. earring 9. scarecrow 10. blueberry 11. butterflies 12.lawnmower 13. campground 14. sandbox 15. toothbrush Challenge Words * thumbtack * earthquake * scrapbook * courthouse * whirlpool Fun Ideas for Studying Spelling 1. The backside of the worksheet asks DOK 2 & DOK 3 level questions that focus on the weeks skill and skills from prior weeks. But Prudy collected things. Unit 3 Benchmark Practice Test - attached below under "ELA WORKSHEETS" Around One Cactus vocabulary ... Prudy's Problem vocabulary Words Prudy's Problem on Youtube; Plural Nouns - Frozen song I Wanna Iguana on YouTube Penguin Chick on YouTube; Common and Proper Nouns Basketball Game; Video review of Common and Proper nouns; main idea game Writing: Irregular Verbs; Suffix "-ly" … This 157 page resource pack is filled with worksheets, printables, graphic organizers, games, center activities, task cards, INB pages, posters and more to make planning for this story simpler for you and more interesting for the kiddos! 'Prudy's Problem and How She Solved It' is a book written by Carey Armstrong-Ellis about a little girl who likes to collect things. Look for sight words, or cut the letters out to … Prudy's Problem by Carey Armstrong Ellis Genre: Fantasy Comprehension Skill: Draw Conclusions - The details and facts you read and what you already know will help you draw conclusions about the text. 35 7. Mixed Review Find each sum or difference. Patterns on a Hundred Chart Use the hundred chart. So did Prudy. Cut up old magazines. Some of the worksheets displayed are Prudys problem and how she solved it, Configuration station, Irregular plural nouns, Prudys problem and how she solved it spelling reading, 3rd grade reading street, Third grade reading street unit, Problemsolution explicit comprehension lesson second grade, Narrative writing a fictional story fn1 … Types: Worksheets, Games, Graphic … 1. Subjects: English Language Arts, Reading, Spelling. 28 Use the hundred chart.

prudy's problem worksheets

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