SCALING: A delamination of a thin portion of the top of Portland cement concrete. Their location is important. It may also be called a wrecking piece or wrecking strip. CRACKING IN CONCRETE: Cracking is always expected in reinforced concrete, since it has such a high shrinkage on hardening. Related Tags: engineering – civil engineer – structural – concrete – construction – dictionary – definition – soil – cement – foundation – definitions – mixing – term – surveying – water – seasoning – glossary – materials. LIQUIDATED DAMAGES: The amount prescribed in the contract specifications, to be paid to the State (Client) or to be deducted from any payments due or to become due the Contractor, for each day’s delay in completing the whole or any specified portion of the work beyond the time allowed in the contract specifications. FUSION WELDING: The welding of metals or plastics by any method which involves melting of the edges of the parts to be joined without pressure. HVEEM’S RESISTANCE VALUE TEST (The R-Value): The R-value is a measure of the ability of a soil to resist lateral deformation when a vertical load acts upon it. COHESIVE SOIL: A sticky soil like clay or clayey silt. SPALLING: Peeling away of a surface, particularly of Portland cement concrete. A plasticizer should enable the water to cement ratio to be lowered to reduce this type of bleeding. MILLING: (1) Removing a specified thickness of an existing pavement surface by grinding with a milling machine. Concrete in hollow-tile floors is not vibrated. The bubbles increase the workability and allowing both sand and water contents to be reduced. SUBSOIL: (1) The weather soil directly below the topsoil. PROPOSAL: The offer of a bidder, on the prescribed forms, to perform the work and to furnish the labor, equipments and materials at the prices quoted. BERM: An artificial horizontal ledge in an earth bank or cutting to ensure the stability of a steep side slope of roadbed (Shoulder). BOULEVARD: A wide city street usually planted with shade-trees (Landscaped). WEEPHOLE: A hole to allow water to escape from behind a retaining wall and thus to reduce the pressure behind it. Corbel: One or more courses of brick projecting from a wall like a cornice), generally to form a support for wall plates, etc. Chase : A recess made inside of a wall to accommodate pipes or electric Wiring, etc. BRIDGE DECK: The load-bearing floor of a bridge, that carries and spreads the loads to the main beams. CORRUGATIONS: Regular transverse undulation or alternate ridges upon a metal pipe surface to give greater rigidity to thin plates. Queen closer: A brick cut lengthwise into two so that each piece is half as wide as the full brick. SURFACE COURSE: One or more layers of specified materials designed to accommodate the traffic load; the top layer of which resists skidding, traffic abrasion and the disintegrating effect of climate. It is particularly important to achieve this in soil stabilization before the road is completed. FLUME: A wooden, steel or concrete open channel to carry or measure water flows. RETARDER OR RETARDER OF SET: An admixture which slows up the setting rate of concrete. MEMBRANE: A thin film or skin, such as the skin of a soap bubble or a waterproof skin. ROADWAY: That portion of the highway included between the outside lines of sidewalks, or curbs, slopes, ditches, channels, waterways and including all the appertaining structures and other features necessary to proper drainage and protection. . Bressummer : Joist embedded in concrete; beam over verandah posts on which purlins of sloping roofs rest. PLASTICIZER OR WATER REDUCER: An admixture in mortar or concrete which can increase the workability of a mix so much, that the water content can be low and the mortar or concrete strength can thus be increased.

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