Stagolee (also known as Stagger Lee, Stackolee) is a tale derived from the murder of Billy Lyons by Lee Shelton’s hand in 1895. The song also appears to set the story in the 1930s, evident in the opening line "It was back in '32 when times were hard". Page / What do you make of that Lyrics to 'Stagger Lee' by Nick Cave. It was back in '32 when times were hard He had a Colt .45 and a deck of cards Stagger Lee He wore rat-drawn shoes and an old stetson hat Had a … By February of 1959 Elvis had 10 #1 records already. In his forward, he refers to Stagger Lee as a "black folk hero" (the badman's legend so captured Baldwin's imagination that he wrote a poem titled "Staggerlee Wonders" and he even started a novel about him) and certainly he must have seen Rosa Parks's defiant act of civil disobedience as a heroic Stagger Lee-like feat. This version retakes a street "toast poem" on Stagolee. Stagger Lee was #1 on February 9, 1959 and stayed there for 4 weeks. "Stagger Lee", also known as "Stagolee" and other variants, is a popular American folk song about the murder of Billy Lyons by "Stag" Lee Shelton, in St. Louis, Missouri, at Christmas, 1895.The song was first published in 1911 and first recorded in 1923, by Fred Waring's Pennsylvanians.A version by Lloyd Price reached number one on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1959. Staggerlee wonders poem by James Baldwin. Stagger Lee — from bar-room brawl to black resistance The folk song has been covered by everyone from Ma Rainey to Nick Cave — and it inspired a blistering poem by James Baldwin Ma Rainey and Her Georgia Jazz Band in c1924-25 I always wonderwhat they think the niggers are doingwhile they the pink and alabaster pragmatists. Buddy Holly had one and so did the first group to have the very first rock 'n' roll song to reach #1, Bill Haley and his Comets with (We're Gonna)Rock Around the Clock. [18] The song contains much swearing and tells the story from a neutral perspective; Stagger Lee refers to himself as "the Bad Motherfucker". I found these song facts in Fred Bronson's Book The Billboard Book of Number One Hits. Most renditions follow a similar plot: Billy Lyons Stagger Lee Lyrics: 1948, Christmas eve, with a full moon over town / Stagger Lee shot Billy DeLions / And he blew that poor boy down / Do you know what he shot him for?

stagger lee poem

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